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tv   Studio B With Shepard Smith  FOX News  March 6, 2012 3:00pm-4:00pm EST

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watching, here is shephard smith. >>shepard: the news begins anew, on "studio b". today, a day that can change the state of the presidential race 20 percent of all delegates needed to nail down the nomination at stake in ten contests. we will have live coverage of super tuesday action ahead. also, a big day for the president giving the first full news conference of the year this morning, on iran, gas prices and more. live at white house with a look back. and the parents of two students killed in the deadliest school shooting suing virginia tech all ahead unless breaking news changes everything. this is "studio b." >> but, first, from f at 3:00 in new york, it is super tuesday, and single biggest chance for republican presidential candidate to pull ahead in a race that has had a rotating
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cast of frontrunners. one consistent leader has been mitt romney, but has been unable to seal the deal. the latest challenger is in the top spot, is rick santorum. there are 400 delegates up for grabs, alaska, georgia, idaho, massachusetts, north dakota, ohio, oklahoma, tennessee, vermont, and virginia. former house speaker newt gingrich is looking for a campaign come back focusing on the south well ahead in the home state of georgia and polls show tennessee is not out of reach. texas congressman ron paul has yet to win a single state but he has picked up a handful of delegates and there is an indication he plan, no indication he plans to drop out. and there are frontrunners, rick santorum and mitt romney locked in a dead heat in ohio, a key battle ground state. the biggest provides of the day with the delegates.
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carl cameron is live in boston. several tight races, carl, starting with ohio. >>carl: yes. the second biggest delegate prize but the one that will be most wanted and has been incredibly scrutinized. the battle between rick santorum and mitt romney down to the wire. a week and a half ago mitt romney was down by double digits but he has spent a tremendousant of -- tremendous amount of campaign money, and spent plenty of time campaigning in ohio and now the polls reversed reversedd romney has the light edge and a lot at steak in ohio. if santorum wins it shows that romney is a weakened frontrunner and if romney wins it shows rick santorum has a hard five in a state adjacent to his home state of pennsylvania, also to watch tennessee, the volunteer state,
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rick santorum had a big lead the last week or so but in the last few days both romney and newt gingrich have spent time and money and effort in tennessee. the polls have been closing. tennessee is an odd state. there is a lot of differences across the geography and rick santorum and mitt romney and newt gingrich can all compete. and georgia is newt gingrich's home state. but romney spending his own campaign money there, and because georgia delegates can be won through congressional districts, romney will pick up, gain ground in georgia but newt gingrich started the political career in the peach state and is favored there. >>shepard: the states that are uncontested today? >>carl: a few. massachusetts, and romney will walk away with this. rick santorum and newt gingrich did not spend time here or in
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vermont, adjacent to massachusetts. romney has virginia to himself but ron paul is on the ballot and newt gingrich and santorum are not so virginia has a big delegate purse and romney gets the share of that and she doing well in idaho, a big mormon population in idaho. he made a stop there. those are states that favor romney. for santorum, he is doing particularly well in tennessee and likely to win oklahoma in a walk, a doubling digit lead for rick santorum in oklahoma and that is a strong place for him. the caucus states is where ron paul has been successful the only candidate to have gone to alaska and doing well in north dakota where democrats and independents can vote in the caucus which is a 6-9 event tonight. there are places where there are safe votes for all and it is
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interesting in this regard. the popular vote may not necessarily dictate who gets the delegates particularly in ohio. it is possible that rick santorum could win the popular vote in ohio and romney could win the delegate problem. >>shepard: busy day for you and the election team. president obama held the first press conference, rather, news conference of the entire year today on super tuesday. the white house insists that was a coincidence. president obama laid out a plan to reduce mortgage payments for millions of americans and provide relief from veterans and service member who fell victim to bad lending practices. but once the president began taking questions the focus changed to our role not middle east and the growing tension between iran and israel. the president stressed we can still avoid a new war with the rogue nation. >> we have a window of opportunity where it can be
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resolved. that is not just my view but the view of our top intelligence officials, the view of top israeli intelligence officials. >>shepard: and the white house and european union agree to open the door for new talks with iran. wendell is live outside the white house, and this give the president a chance to address his republican critics and he did exactly that, wendell. >>shepard: you are right it was a two for, a chance to steal attention from super tuesday and address the criticism from republicans, throw of the presidential contenders address the largest pro israel lobby basically painting the picture as too tough on israel, too soft on iran. the news conference gave the president a chance to strike back saying he does not have respect for what he is hearing on the trail. >> i am reminded of the costs involved if war. i'm reminded of the decision that i have to make in terms of sending our young men and women
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to battle. and the impact it has on their lives. the impact it has on our national security. the impact it has on our economy. this is not a game. >>shepard: our colleague asked the president about gas prices and his suggestion that higher prices lead people closer to alternative energy. >>reporter: the president backed away from that as has the energy secretary now they are dealing with the reality of being in the situation of dealing with the prices. the president wants more than just alternative energy sources. >> we are going to increase production which has happened. we are going to make sure that we are conserving energy. that is why we have doubled fuel efficiency standards on cars which will save consumers $1.7
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trillion. and take 12 billion barrels of oil off line which will help to reduce prices. >>reporter: he jokingly said "from a political perspective you think a president running for re-election wants high are gasoline prices." >>shepard: good point, wendell. iran's leaders are inviting the united nations inspecters to check out the nuclear program. will they follow-through? more on that ahead. and the g.o.p. contenders stand on iran and other situations. stay tuned.
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>> we need to say to the iranian government the time is now. you will stop your nuclear production now. >> i'll make sure iran necessities of the real peril if they become nuclear and will engage their neighbors and staple multiple aircraft carriers and warships at their door. >>shepard: talk from the republican candidates today accusing president obama of doing little to stop iran from getting a knock weapon. the president hit right back. >> when i see these folks who have a lot of bluster and big talk but when you ask what they would do they repeat what we have been doing the last three years. it indicates that is more about politics than actually trying to solve a difficult problem. >>shepard: the president defending the policy on iran and syria and afghanistan. the chief fox correspondent is
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here. g.o.p. ramping up the attacks? >>jonathan: this is part of the narrative. they seized on events like the riots in afghanistan following the burning by u.s. troops of copies of the koran by detainees, to sort of present the idea that this is a president who apologizes too much in their vow and leads too little. listen. >> hope is not a foreign policy. you only thing respected by thugs and tyrants is our resolve. backed by our power. and our readiness. >> when a president of the united states as commander in chief apologizes to religious fanatics killing young americans this is from foundly wrong. >>jonathan: on the question iran and stepping that country from getting nuclear weapons they say the president has to be much more definitive. >> when i say to the government
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of iran that iran will not get a nuclear weapon, go to the bank. iran will not get a nuclear weapon. >>jonathan: the president said in the news conference today it is easy for the candidates to talk the talk on the campaign trail. it is not so easy to walk the walk when you are the commander in chief sending our forces into battle. >>shepard: foreign policy rarely is a defining issue. >>jonathan: it is not. but a lot of analysts including senior political analysts at fox say with so many foreign policy challenges piling up in iran, syria, afghanistan, the republicans see an opportunity. listen. >> they believe although he got osama bin laden and al-awlaki, that broadly speaking on iran and nuclear weapons particularly, he has been weak and they think he has been
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reticent in his support of israel but the president obviously working to remedy that so these republicans see an opening there. >>jonathan: and he says while candidates like to see themselves and their campaigns the key to winning elections events have a habit of getting in the way and there is no bigger event if the run up to november than iran getting close to a income weapon and the united states or israel taking military action to revent that. that is a game changer for the world. >>shepard: the talk has the the effect of rising oil prices giving iran more money so it is serving their purposes. thank you, jonathan. and now more on word of a possible concession that rogue nation announcing they will allow the united nations inspectors inside a secret military complex. we have heard that before. and new senior fellow from the
3:16 pm
brookings institution. >>guest: well, it is possible iran will let the people in. but we not sure iran is actually doing a lot of ongoing research on building a bomb. perhaps because it already knows. and the real issue is when does it get enough highly enriched uranium to build it so going to this particular weapons site may not tell us a lot, it may give us a little information that confirms our suspicions they used to do republic or maybe there is still going on but the real issue is how much highly enriched uranium does iran have and that will happen at the facilities, rather than the particular site that was mentioned today. so, it is an important issue but i would not read a lot into it because it is a secondary issue. >>shepard: highly enriched uranium is the main issue and we did not know how much they actually have. >>reporter: we don't know any
3:17 pm
other sites. but we have a good handle on how were they have at the two decleared sites. president obama could use american air power to strike if iran kicks out the inspectors and we have no eyes and ears because iran could make more uranium but enough for full bomb grade percentage. right now it is between 5 percent and 20 percent depending on the day, the batch of uranium and iran would have to make 90 percent purified uranium to have a bomb and they could do that without having the inspecters kicked out so watch for them being kicked out for good that is the trigger point for the united states. >>shepard: the president said there is a window here for diplomacy and sanctions to work ecorse the sanctions do not pick in until june, it will take
3:18 pm
until the end of the summer from everyone i talked to, to have a real effect, and that is if china, india, and the rest don't make up for whatever was last there. what is your degree of certainty they will help at all? >>guest: my degree of certainty is not high but if they help somewhat and we cut, say, 20 percent of iran's oil revenues that is enough to make a substantial difference in an economy that is suffering. it will not prevent them from building a bomb and does not have a physical capacity to prevent that, it is a punitive strategy to make iran realize the world is united against it and they go down the path and we can hurt them economically but it is not a policy to prevent their acquisition. so, that is the dilemma. i don't think there is any good option. i support what the president is trying to do because bombing the facilities will not be a permanent solution. iran can kick the inspecters out
3:19 pm
and build new facilities deeper underground. the only permanent strategy would be if iran's government changed and i don't see anyone proposing an invasion to do that. >>shepard: thank you, author of a new book "bending history, president obama's foreign policy." live from washington, dc. insurance experts say last week's tornado outbreak could cost up to $2 billion. and with every day we are getting a better picture of the emotional toll. plus, this bus was full of tourists planning to see the hoover dam. and they took a detour.
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>>shepard: 22 minutes after the hour with brand new pictures
3:23 pm
of the devastation from the deadly tornadoes as folks in several states start the long process of rebuilding. look at what the storms did: one of the boats flipped over amid the piles twisted metal and debris and the federal emergency management agency touring the areas including in indiana where a dozen were killed. some folks in southern indiana have lived their for decades but this one line of storms has forced them to start from scratch. and now in kentucky the locals are working together to make sure everyone has food and other supplies needed. this show is a temporary shelter for dozens in west liberty, texas, wet of lexington. >> the downtown west liberty is full of activity as we look around. mostly what we have are emergency crews and repair trues
3:24 pm
and the state police directing traffic and a fuel truck from the national guard and a humvee from the national guard mostly emergency crews and mostly rescue-type personally and repair personal. a lost residents are running because a report want out over local media telling them it is okay but the state police say they do not want the residents returning. and now, downtown every single structure in this town, about 8,300 buildings suffered severe damage and they are probably destroyed. also, the heroes from the course of the storm, the guy who is up on the bucket, that is a repair crew, and these guys have been going around-the-clock through the driving snow up in the buckets, in the cold, restoring 95 percent of the power to the grid. >>shepard: some reports of looting, i hear? >>reporter: well, not major cases. one guy volunteering for the red
3:25 pm
cross and he loaded were his van with food that was meant for the storm victims and a guy in the southern part of the state who police got as he tried to swipe a load of copper. >>shepard: could be worse. all the best, mike. back in election headquarter as two-man race in one key state up for grabs today. next, a look at the limited selection for voters in virginia. and voters in previous primaries have listed the economy as the top issue. gerri with her two cents on the latest business headlines factoring into the vote. so creamy, right dad. ah, but my carrots have that crunch. it's my milk in the rich sauce coating the chicken and the pasta. boys! don't you think stouffer's steam perfect bag should get some credit? my carrots. my milk. my carrots. my milk.
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don't wait another minute. call the number on your screen now, promo code: alerts. lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >>shepard: this is "studio b" at the bottom of the hour, and time for the top of the news. newt gingrich pinning his wins for a campaign hope on winning georgia. no other state has more delegates up for grabs and he has been leading in the polls by quite a margin. and now john roberts, newt gingrich is expressing a lot of confidence? >>reporter: he is because he is looking for a win and not just the ordinary win but looking for a big win here in the state of. hoping to get a big part of the 76 delegates up for grabs to reinvograte his campaign because if you look at the primary and caucus calendar since he won
3:30 pm
south carolina he got a couple of seconds he has four four foue often than anything else. >> i because supposed to be dead in june or walk, if we every major washington establishment said i was dead, they said i was the bruce willis character, the only guy in the room that depth foe i was dead. report very he will try to prove he is, in fact, not dead and be lazarus feeling go about chances because some polls have him up 20 points. >>shepard: this is a lock, right? >>reporter: it would seem. what newt gingrich is hoping is to convert this in to a southern strategy. if he wins south carolina and. he hopes to do well in kansas, maybe win that on 10th and then the 13th, alabama and mississippi, and he hopes to
3:31 pm
when those and take that all the way to the convention but political scientists at emory say it will be a real challenge to last that long. >> he could be able to stay in, i think he wants to stay in through the convention and be a force at convention shaping the platform and being a spokesman for the party but right now no matter what happens in georgia it is an uphill battle. >>reporter: the reason is because he has not been able to win anything outside of the south and if you want to employ a southern strategy you want to do everything south of the mason dixon line he lost all of the delegates because it was winner take all and not on the ballot, today, in virginia. >>shepard: speak of virginia the primary ballot looks different. not just newt gingrich deficiency, but only two g.o.p. candidates qualified for the contest, a race between romney and ron paul. and now live in richard, --
3:32 pm
richmond, virginia. >>reporter: many voters are expressing frustration to us saying they are not happy there are only two choices today but they are not sure who to blame, the party for the specific rules if virginia or the candidate would knew of the rules. here is what a voter told us. >> these people knew in advance they were coming to virginia, they should have prepared for it then. if you are not on it because you did not prepare that puts a black mark on you. >>reporter: newt gingrich is not on the ballot and this is his current home state so neither he or his wife will vote in virginia. >>shepard: ron paul folks are sounding mighty convinced. >>reporter: they are and because this is one police they hope to pick up a lot of delegates where they are head to head with romney and they may get an assist from the newt gingrich vote because a major
3:33 pm
vote supporting gingrich asking their folks to vote for ron paul elementing the amount of delegates romney will pick up. >>shepard: think, a variety of issues will impact the vote with economics so we continue to gerri willis on is hanging out over here. only one common factor cross the ten states, is that fair? >>gerri: everything is different. i expected to find everything close to the national average but that is not the case. and north dakota, for a second, their unemployment rate is 3.3 percent below the national average. they have in housing problem. only one in 63,000 homes in ferc. different than the rest of the country. why? the oil billion. they are doing well. and you lock at -- look at georgia, a basket case. they have real problems.
3:34 pm
georgia has 9.7 percent unemployment, one in 328 homes in foreclosure. big problem there because you did not go through the courthouse so this is not the robo signing problem, it is straight up, they sell it on the steps of the courthouse in 30 days and you are done and out. so, big differences georgia having so many problems their growth and jobs, low, and north dakota, on fire. >>shepard. going to vote for newt gingrich and everyone is watching ohio. >>gerri: ohio is important and the manufacturing republican -- renaissance there including outside of columbus, ohio, the capital of the state, where honda has 13,000 employees. so, lots of good news from ohio,
3:35 pm
and their unemployment rate is below the national average but the economy this year 2012 will be almost 4 percent better than the outlook for the nation. i expected everyone to be the nation. not at all. >>shepard: and we are wanting the dow, a bad day for the 401(k) if you sell down 221 on average and earlier today down 200, the biggest drop of the entire year traders watching europe's debt contribution as major banks and other investors approach a deadline to swamp out greek government bonds with replacements worth a lot less. the analysts say the swaps are vital so greece can slash their debt but not all investors have signed on and scenes major unease inup's markets today before they closes they were down by 2 percent in great bin, 3 percent in germany and france and we are down, i don't, a good chunk, 1.7 percent, right at 1.7
3:36 pm
percent, is it all europe? >>gerri: when european stocks fall we do, too, and early they were down 2 percent so you can see the u.s. markets do the same. there is no news to offset this so everyone is trading on the same thing. >>shepard: got a slow? >>gerri: at 8:00 tonight. join us. >>shepard: business coverage of the election? >>gerri: we will do that with calf quaff and i will man the economy touch screen so if you really want to have some giggles join us after 8:00 on fox business network because i have never done this before and it promises to be ... >>shepard: it is user friendly technology. gerri willis from the fox business network at 8:00 eastern, 7:00 central and that is o'reilly's time plot but, tonight, no o'reilly. so you can watch whatever you want as although as it has "fox"
3:37 pm
in it. a lawsuit, now, over the virginia technical shooting has made it to court, the parents of two victims say the school is partly responsible for their daughter's death. the latest from the trial ahead. ohhh my head, ohhh.
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[ speaking in japanese ] yeah, do you have anything for a headache... like excedrin, ohhh, bayer aspirin... ohh, no no no. i'm not having a heart attack, it's my head. no, bayer advanced aspirin, this is made for pain. [ male announcer ] bayer advanced aspirin has microparticles, enters the bloodstream fast, and safely rushes extra strength relief to the sight of your tough pain. feel better? yeah...thanks for the tip! [ male announcer ] for fast powerful pain relief, use bayer advanced aspirin. >>shepard: 20 minutes before the hour a father crediting friends if you saving his life after an avalanche buried him under 10' of snow for 20 minutes. in utah outside of salt lake city, the group of snow machiners were riding up a mountain and a wall of snow trapped one of the riders. watch this.
3:41 pm
>> where's he at? where's he at? >>shepard: crazy? friends rush with some develops and one hit as hard onject and that was the helmet of the man. trace with the news from the west coast newsroom. 20 minutes under the snow, that seems like a long time. >>trace: can you imagine? and the man who led that search-and-rescue for his buddy is trained as a search-and-rescue expert and he knows the clock in this case is very much the enemy because if you are able to carve out an air pocket under 10' of snow that is still very, very little air. listen, new, to the man today on fox talking how he thinks his buddy survived.
3:42 pm
>>guest: he is smart kid, he grabbed the snowmobile because he knows the snowmobile is more likely to be on top as he enters the slide. so, he grabbed on to the snowmobile with one arm and shoved his hand up under the mask, the hole -- helmet to prevent the snow from coming in. >>trace: the weight of the snow was on him and he had an air pocket and they pulled him out he was alive but he was fully conscious. >>shepard: what triggered the avalanche? >>trace: most likely the snowmobile but which one of the snow mobiles because the man you heard from, if you look at the side of the screen, she coming across, the first one coming down, and he makes the way toward the bottom the camera shifts over and that is when tyson starts to go up the hill and he goes up right there and it is unclear if the snow was loose because he gets to the top
3:43 pm
he is lost in the shadows so we will put a spot light on it but as he makes the turn we hear them saying whoa, whoa, here comes the snow and he is caught, trapped and tumbled under 10' and here is what the girlfriend said. >> we were balling, and hugging each other, so thank. he was okay, and it was a miracle. i didn't think we would pull him out breathing. >>trace: there were three other after launches in utah this week and two other snowmobilers were trapped, one of them died. >>shepard: trace, thank you. it has been five years since the massacre at virginia tech, or almost that, and the parents of two novembers are in court today. they suing virginia tech for wrongful death claiming the school did not respond quickly enough. in opening arguments the lawyers
3:44 pm
called the campus police inexperienced and lasted the administration for waiting 2 1/2 years before telling students a gunman wasless. with us now, is the prosecutor, p.r. consultant, who is the president of the communications firm emerald partners and co-author oh rethinking reputation. so, josh, it is a tough one because what they are saying, the school could have prevented the deaths or . have been able to. >>guest: that is what a trial is about. if this case, an incident that is too often happening, facts are going to come out that clearly will affect how safety plans go in to action. five years ago and facts are still going to come out when people are examined, asking why there was a delay. for the family it is a lot of
3:45 pm
resolve and hopefully closure and answers. >>shepard: jonathan, the parents make the case that the school has set itself up as the place to come to find out what not to do if your school is having a problem and other school members have come in to overlook what they did. >> but it is difficult to look at the school administration and say you should have done this the behind sight is 20/20. >>shepard: and fraser so difficult to manage. >>guest: remember, as you said five years ago this was the first major tragedy shooting at a college and they were unprepared. they botched the crisis management. they did not have their facts. the press conferences were chaos. >>shepard: i was there. i remember. >>guest: and we say in crisis management take care of the
3:46 pm
golden hour, the first several hours. you have to set the tone. they didn't. as a consequence they did not criminal the agenda, the president who has borne the brunt was a sympathetic figure but he was completely overwhelmed, a tragedy all the way around. >>shepard: we were in a transition as a nation with the technology. my take away from virginia tech as one who has experienced way too many tragedies it was the first event of its kind where students were communicating with each other by text and they were learning about whether was happening from each other more quickly than the news media. it was a brand new experience and the majority did not handle it well. >>guest: that is how we lend, technology changes, we learned about 9/11 things that came out of that technology, this is what we have now, and information is passed this way and years later virginia tech, and it will keep going years ahead.
3:47 pm
>>guest: as a result of virginia tech colleges now are on instant message systems. the administration has twitter and facebook. they lockdown the college. at the hint of this. virginia tech was the role model as to what not to do in a crisis. >>shepard: that is part of what they allege in the suit. josh, what is the limit on their liability? >>guest: it has been capped because it is a university and the tort industry is $100,000 for each person involved. there were other lawsuits, they shared $11 million and they decided to stay in to bring out the facts and they want an apology and it has been a lawsuit that is capped at $100,000. for each litigant. >>shepard: we will keep an eye on the trial. >> think you can block your school or employer from seeing everything you do on facebook? think again. organizations are now demanding facebook passwords and the
3:48 pm
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>> government agencies are requiring apply cans to give them fair book passwords to see what is behind the privacy wall including maryland's department of corrections asking applicants to let an interviewer watch as they log on to their facebook accounts. some colleges reportedly requiring at leasts to accept "friend" request from coaches but the practice is a clear violation of personal privacy. our prosecutor is here, and
3:52 pm
public relations expert. a potential employer, an organization which i am seeking a job tells know log on in front of them and see behind my privacy wall? time to walk out. >>guest: there has to be a dividing line, and one is, listen, if you want me to show you what i think you have a reasonable expectation of e-mails to be private, they are going beyond that saying that, and the first amendment is stepped down opposed to where it is balanced. i am going for job you want to find out things about me, do you think that facebook things are private in it is judgment call and a balancing act, but there has to be a long drab, and what you know is not private, and if i offer you a position or job it is not unreasonable to say what have you been posting. >>shepard: but behind the wall i could put a catchy phrase for the employer.
3:53 pm
>>guest: someone could get at that. everyone has their expectation that the internet will have some privacy things surface somehow some day. on the flip side, the e-mails are like home, it is beginning to go down the slippery slow of privacy. >>shepard: and the p.r. side? >>guest: nothing is secret. i tell the kids in public relations at nyu, if you don't went did see it on the front page of "new york times" tomorrow, don't do it. today it is facebook, do not put a photo on facebook if it will haunt you later for a job, the same for twitter messages, remember god friday was fired for a joke on twitter, and, you have to be careful but if i am a college i don't want to be associated with going behind the wall and demanding to see someone's facebook but some
3:54 pm
schools have say, we will not do it. that is the side you have to be on. >>shepard: but there will come a time when everyone who grew up with face book is going to rue the day they put everything about their lives out for public consumption. what you begin at 9:00 does not look good to a future employer at 23. >>guest: true, but everyone has to realize what you put there at some point can become public but you hit the nail on the head, if you don't like it, walk out of the job. >>guest: nothing is secret. >>guest: a priest -- private investigator would get at it. everything is public. >>shepard: you could go without the facebook, people did do it six years ago. >>guest: you have to think about way are writing, how you appear, how you are perceived and that is the key.
3:55 pm
kids, especially, have to think with perspective. >>shepard: if you are circumspect put no evidence of it on facebook. that's all i'm saying. >>guest: amen. i agree. wisely. >>shepard: and new we bring you jonathan hunt, thank you, and thank you and thank you. one of the most wanted informant led authorities to arrest former comrades and he is very popular now. authorities say this man formed the elite hacking organization and according to court documents the group attacked visa, master card and government computer networks from tunisia to the united states senate offices and authorities say this man, secretly began working as an informant and word, we are told, that led to the arrest of five of his associates.
3:56 pm
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